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Introducing our stunning Volvo P1800

A very early A series car sporting the highly desirable Bull Horn one of an apparent 473 RHD built by Jensen under license for Volvo.

A car that was sexy enough for Roger Moore. The automotive star of ‘The Saint’ formed such an impression on the show’s lead actor that he bought one for himself.

Certificate of Build date from The Classic Volvo Club, with copy factory records.
She was built at Jensen Motors ready for delivery 2nd July 1962 and dispatched for the UK 17th July 1962
Laid up by its second owner in 1979 and purchased by a Mr Sutcliffe in 1998 who commenced an 8 year long restoration period using only correct components throughout with an absolute passion for originality. Photographic record and huge invoice file from Brookhouse Volvo are included within the file.
Sporting its original interior which is a beautiful please to be.

1 Previous registered keeper shown on the V5C
The latest owner purchased in July 2023 from Mr Sutcliffe after seeing the car around local cars shows through 2022/2023.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the details of the later 1800S and 1800E, learning about these early 1962 cars gives you an appreciation for the time that Jensen employees took to build each individual P1800. These Jensen cars had a lot of complex features that were simplified on 1964-and-newer Swedish-built models

The Jensen cars used heavily chrome-plated brass for their bright trim, inside and out.
The strips on the interior door panels were plated solid brass, held on with little clips that had to be installed by hand–this continued all the way around the interior in a complete circle.
When they moved production to Sweden, the door strips were replaced with pre-formed plastic that was glued onto the panel, and the rear compartment trim disappeared.
The exterior chrome became cheaper plated aluminum and polished stainless steel.

These were very labor-intensive cars to build.

Not seen on later models, other special items you’ll find on our White over red example, one of three color combinations offered in this series, the others being gray-over-red and red-over-white–include the “bullhorn” front bumper, the elaborate egg-crate grille and cowl vent, white front indicator lenses, full hubcaps and beautiful C-pillar Volvo script.

Our car sport an amazing amount of factory originality, as most remaining examples aren’t this way because of the easy interchangeability of 1800 parts.
Due to the age of the cars, over the years, many of the Jensens have been destroyed, they suffered a lot of abuse.

The interior would start to look shabby, and since Volvo discontinued many things, owners would put in parts from a newer S.

An incredibly rare find and even the scarce original wheel trims accompany the car.
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